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In association with (Hubcap Center), we offer you the choice to buy rims and hubcaps from us by phone, online, on eBay, or at our retail location. We offer a huge selection: Reconditioned Rims, Re-manufactured Rims, Factory OEM, Wheel Reconditioning, Wheel Re-Manufacturing, new and used factory OEM hubcaps for any car, aftermarket hubcaps, singles, pairs, and sets. We also offer welding, restoration, and straightening of bent and damaged rims.

We are a family owned and operated business. We provide personal service to our customers. Call or text anytime to (267) 296 0501 for all your factory OEM wheel, rim, hubcap, and wheel cover needs We buy wheels and hubcaps.

Snow Plowing & Maintenance

We can get hit pretty hard in this area at times with storms and snow, but even the small storms cause many problems especially for businesses that need their customers and clients need to utilize the lot for parking and more importantly to conduct business with them.

We can help! We are always here in an emergency if you need us, but also if we can set up a service agreement to plow and/or salt your lot when needed due to a storm.

Contact us today for more information.

 713 Upland Street Chester Pa 19013


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