Lexi’s Christmas Wish

Photo by: Taking Our South Philadelphia Streets Back Facebook Page

The Following Was Recently Posted by Taking Our South Philadelphia Streets Back on their Facebook Page.


Everyone as you know we did our 2nd annual toy drive and had 30 families nominated and ALL 30 families. I’m happy to say with your donations and help have been adopted and will have a Happy Holiday. It has been brought to my attention there is a 31st family in need here in South Philadelphia.

This family has a burden that no parent should endure. There are 4 children ages 17, 10, 9 and 8. The 10 and 8 year old are siblings the other two are the parents nephews that have been adopted due to one child’s parents dying tragically and the other child’s parents dying due to drug addiction. This families burden has become worsened when their 10 year old daughter Lexi was stricken with stage 4 lymphoblastic lymphoma 19 weeks ago which has metastasized to her brain, liver and kidneys she’s currently inpatient at CHOP.

To boot her dad is a recently retired due to injury, Roxborough police officer. They are going through a financial struggle, the other children according to the parents have been great through this and have been taken care of by people in the community helping and getting stuff off of their Christmas lists. The only thing that’s left are mini iPads that no one has gotten and parents couldn’t afford. The family has escalating medical bills, they cannot pay their utility, mortgage, etc due to this road block.

They also cannot even go food shopping because they don’t have the money or time to do so given the fact they are at the hospital around the clock. Lexi’s wish this Christmas is to be home for Christmas which will probably not come to pass. She also wants to meet wonder woman and to go to Disney with her family which hopefully make a wish will provide. We are currently searching for gift cards to area supermarkets, monetary donations and someone to play Wonder Woman this Thursday evening when we go to visit Lexi at CHOP. Wonder Woman is her favorite superhero.  Let’s make Lexi’s Christmas Wish come true.

For donations or how you can help please contact Sam 267-441-6010 You can also contact Taking Our South Philadelphia Streets Back



Fox 29’s Jenny Jones Interviews Samantha Regalbuto Of Taking Our South Philly Streets Back About How The Group Is Making Lexi’s Christmas Wish Come True. 

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